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Rick Cox, owner/guide is a great guy. He took us up the Colorado River to the Glen Canyon Dam. The trip is very scenic as you travel the river with massive canyon walls on both sides. The CraigCat watercraft is the perfect tool for this kind of trip and is a lot of fun to drive and very maneuverable. You can also fish off the CraigCat. 

We did a lot of during our family trip - Helicopter tour, ATV tour, mountain biking tour. However, this was the family favorite. I highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting the Lake Powell area!!! 

~ CarlosH

Had great time on CraigCat River Boat Excursion

Spent night at Marble Canyon Lodge, lot nice things to see in area. Its the closest motel to Lees Ferry Landing. Met guide and we ran our boats about 8 miles to the Glen Canyon Dam stopping and taking pictures, then we drifted back and fished, I caught and released 3 real nice rainbows and a brook trout, hooked a few more that got off. You must use barb less hooks, no live bait. There are sandy landings with outhouse bathrooms at several locations from landing to dam. There are people fly fishing and large rafts of people sightseeing the river. Recommend polarized sunglasses, help see fish and you may encounter small bugs hitting your face if theirs a hatch going on. I am 64 and my wife 62, boat owners, we fish a lot, this is a real bargain of a Excursion.

~ Ken N

Glen Canyon Excursions

What to say about Glen Canyon Excursions? Words don't do it justice! Amazing experience! Just do it!

~ Michael S

So much fun!

I went on this watercraft with my family. We had such a great time exploring the canyons. We were able to get into tighter spots than a boat can go and we didn’t have all the noise of a jet ski. The owners were so kind and fun. I recommend this trip for EVERYONE going to Lake Powell. You will see the beauty of Lake Powell in a way that you can’t with anything else.

~ Holly P

Spectacular views and so much fun!

What an amazing experience! Absolutely STUNNING views and spectacular boat ride! I highly recommend you take your family on this adventure with Glen Canyon Excursions. It is in the top ten coolest things I’ve ever done! The two-seater boats were easy to operate and a fun and relaxing way to ride through the breathtaking views to the canyons. There was only a little splash of water on your feet and legs sometimes, so don’t worry, you won’t get too wet! Our guides were so friendly and helpful. It was truly magical being at one with nature, boating along the clear water, looking up at the gigantic canyon cliffs. Our kids loved making this family memory as well, and we can’t wait to take some friends and family back out on these fun boats again soon!

~ Amy L

Glen Canyon Excursions

This was an absolutely fantastic experience that I highly recommend to everyone. Breathtaking views of the Glen Canyon cliffs while cruising up the river in CraigCats. These two person boats were very easy to drive and added to the overall excitement of the trip. Our fearless guide Rick did a great job leading the way. This is a destination you have to put on your calendar. You will not be disappointed!!!

~ Brian L

Rick Cox is such a fun person to be your guide and knows the area so well. His Craig Cat boats are also so easy to cruise around the water in and I have zero boating experience. Two thumbs way up!!! ????????

~ Gary K

It was a really fun experience. Rick was a great guide to teach and make us comfortable to drive the boat.

~ Subhashree N

Rick Cox is a great guide. Craig Cats are super stable, even in wind. Scenery is world class awesome.

~ Andrew W

This is such a unique experience. It truly is amazing to see Powell from this vantage point. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys beauty and fun.

~ Holly P

Oh My Heck, Yes. One of the few hidden treasures for things to do in Southern Utah. Stay in Kanab, and the drive will blow your mind to the boat launch. Bucket List, but don't wait. 10 Stars.

~ Jane W

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